Merci Merci

Merci Merci

  • Sat 9th / Free 8.30

Introducing MERCY – MERCY

Lindy Lou Smith – Vocals, Neil Jeffs  – Guitar, Jim Lieschke – Drums and John De Laurence – Bass.

Great blues performed with attitude.  That is what MERCY-MERCY is all about

Jim Lieschke, Neil Jeffs and John De Laurence are no strangers to the blues or each other having played together for about 10 years in North Coast blues outfit The Blues Vein. For the following 5 years they had been exploring other genres and came back together in this project to what inspired them in the first place – the Blues. Lindy Lou Smith, all the way from Adelaide, sang in a number of bands in South Australia including blues outfits, before heading for Byron Bay 4 years ago where she has now settled and has found her musical home in MERCY-MERCY.

MERCY-MERCY have vigorously worked to compile a list of standards and contemporary Blues tunes punctuated with some of their own original songs and have created a tough, sensitive and dynamic sound that is visceral in its intent and feel.  With an EP release recorded at the famed Rockinghorse Studios due out by December 2017, MERCY-MERCY are now taking their music to the next level and are keen to take their audiences with them.

Guitarist Neil Jeffs plays with passion and reverence.  There is no doubting his feeling when he lets rip nor the emotion that drips from his strings like warm honey.  Jim Lieschke has every feel imaginable in those hands of his and his drumming technique is filled with power and subtlety.  John De Laurence has a “thunder thumb” according to Jimbo and they have been the heart beat of a number of bands together over the past two decades. They have developed an intuitive feel for each other’s playing and give the band a rock solid bed to drive off.  Lindy Lou Smith is a passionate, music academy trained singer who’s warm and gentle nature is the antithesis of the vocal strength and power she can project.

MERCY – MERCY is foot stomping, gut thumping Blues with the ability to be tender, dynamic and soulful – sounds like a good combination for a great time out.

For Bookings Phone or text John on 0414 243 907 Or Lindy Lou on 0416 776 950

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