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When you’re a member at Bangalow Bowlo, it’s a win-win.

Why Bowlo membership is great for you.

For just $10 per year or $25 for 3 years, you help us be our best and get incredible discounts at the bar and the bistro or BBQ.

Why membership is great for the Bowlo.

Membership revenue is essential to help ensure we can keep the building, facilities and amenities in the best possible shape.

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1 year for just $10

3 years for just $25

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Just ask any staff member for a form to complete, then hand back to us with payment.


The form, complete & hand back to us with your payment.

Be a part of your bowlo. 

Become a member (or renew) your membership today. 

Your local Bowlo is owned by our members.

When hard times hit the Bangalow Bowlo in 2012, there’s a reason the community came together to save it. 

Because this Bowlo is the lifeblood of our town. 

From local families, friends and workers catching up, to local sports clubs and associations gathering, to feeding and watering our many thousands of visitors every year… this Bowlo has been part of Bangalow’s heart since 1910.

Members help improve the club facilities, serve the community & get incredible discounts.