Future of The Bowlo: Have Your Say.

If you’re a member of Bangalow Bowlo, please read and consider the following information - we’ll be asking you to vote on the future of your club very soon.

Next members meeting:

  • Tuesday 19th April (6pm) ‘Members Only’ Meeting (without Norths Collective present)
  • Saturday 23rd April (10:30am) 2nd Members Meeting (with Norths Collective present)
  • Tuesday 26th April (6pm) Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Saturday 30th April (10:30am) 3rd Members Meeting (with Norths Collective present)

As we get ready to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Bangalow community coming together to save The Bowlo from administration, the Board members and management have been looking at the options available to us to ensure the club remains a vibrant, fun, well-kept community hub for the next 10 years and beyond.

One option we have been looking at to open doors to much needed investment in the building and club facilities, is the amalgamation of Bangalow Bowlo with an established, successful, community-focussed group of clubs called Norths Collective (more details below).

Norths Collective issued an Expression of Interest looking for suitable clubs to amalgamate with recently, we responded, and we’ve subsequently had a number of meetings, presentations and workshop sessions to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of amalgamation with the group.

Norths Collective have assessed The Bowlo over a number of months and confirmed that we would be a perfect fit from their perspective – they are keen to progress.

From our perspective, while our own discovery and discussions will continue in line with legal advice and legislated due diligence processes, it’s time to bring our members into the conversation.

Amalgamation will only go forward if you, our valued members, vote for it.

Bangalow Bowlo is owned by our members, it will be our members’ decision as to whether the amalgamation happens, and that decision will be made via a full membership vote in the near future.

In the meantime, we will be arranging a series of open member meetings with Bowlo management, Bowlo board members, and representatives from Norths Collective (including staff members from recently amalgamated clubs) to make sure all our members are fully informed about the advantages and disadvantages of the amalgamation.   

This website page will serve as the main point of communication and information, where we will present all the facts available, post updates on the due diligence process, advertise member meetings and presentations, and share any other information you need to know before casting your vote.  

The advantages vs. disadvantages at a glance

What you think about the amalgamation will develop as you learn more in member meetings, read documents posted here, and have discussions with other members and stakeholders about the details. This is a journey of discovery and deliberation for all of us.

For now, the main advantage and the main disadvantage can be summarised as follows:

The Main Advantage

The Bowlo will come under the wing of a well financed, successful group of clubs which seems to be committed to community, heavy investment in the venue, and enhancing relationships and sponsorships with local sports clubs.    

For a period of 10 years, Norths Collective will be legally contracted to operate the club as Bangalow Bowlo and we have the opportunity to ‘lock-in’ any number of additional commitments, which are legally enforceable.

The Main Disadvantage

The Bowlo will become entirely amalgamated into the new group, we will lose our local executive control, our local board, and ownership of all assets – including land and bricks and mortar – will pass over to the new group.   

After the 10 year period, Norths Collective will be free to do whatever they deem fit with the business and the assets (albeit within the site’s special community zoning, which makes private development highly unlikely).

Information & resources to help you think

Clubs NSW video on Amalgamations

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