Stockpot Kitchen!

Judging by the local’s response to their Bangalow arrival Graeme and Jennee’s decision to go out on their own seems to have been the right move at the right time. He brings an honest hand to his cooking, simplicity soaked in flavours, adding fresh herbs and greens from their Bexhill garden to meat dishes and sourcing pork, beef, chicken and seafood from local Producers who care about their product. Jennee is a perfectionist by heart and knows a thing or two about pastry, baking, and the sweeter things in life. “Keeping it simple, keeping it real” is the Stockdale mantra and now running their own kitchen Graeme can cook by his principles while still offering great food at a family friendly price. Whatever can be is made in-house. “We are making everything from scratch…all the sauces and the beef and chicken stocks. It’s all prepped fresh every day. None of my principles have changed, just the price.”