The Bowlo has it…

We cater for everyone! From young to old, families to the lovely folk form out-a-space! Here at the Bangalow Bowlo its simply just a great relax atmosphere to have a casual drink, see a band, have lunch or dinner and even have your next catered event. We are Bangalow Entertainment! It is Our Community and Sports Club and we want to share it with you!


Amazing food at amazing prices for all the family. We always have a special dinner ready for you to enjoy.


We are the family club. We want to make sure you and the kids are happy and stress free.


Thirsty, wet your whistle? Well we have something to cover all the lads, the ladies and of course the kids.


Whether you want to play competition or just have a game of barefoot bowls, you are always welcome.

The kids love us, they really do!

Why do kids love the Bowlo and One Green Acre sooo much… well I am thinking it’s a bit to do with… well its lots of things… we have a 2,000m2 grass enclosed space to play in, we have a cool toddlers enclosed playground, they don’t need to worry too much about mum and dad or is that the other way around! Chef has got some yummy food to munch on and hey, it’s all healthy!

How far? Not very!!

Is it a hassle to drive for quality, fun and relaxation, do you want value for your cash…. remember we are only really 20 minutes from everywhere, and only 40 minutes from Tweed so make a date…with us

Fresh Quality Food

Need some fresh goodness, well it is right here! One Green Acre, Restaurant, Catering and Events, works closely with local farmers, growers and suppliers in the Northern Rivers, to produce seasonal, vibrant and fresh food.

Community Hub

2017 raised $27k for local organisations, plus another $46k for organisations within Byron Shire

We are here for any charitable or fundraising cause and will help wherever we can to make it happen for you